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Piling is a mechanical and technical expertise, demanding confident qualified collaborative team dynamics. The function of piling performs by implanting substantial quantities of a material components into the weak ground level soil. Piling prepares and strengthens the ground base from underneath to hold considerable heavy loads such as building complexes, new homes or infrastructures.

The deep-rooted base addition of these elements secures for a stronger, sturdier ground support for the structural construction project to then take place.

The type and choice of materials used must play an important part of any building foundation as this must be extremely robust.

Piles are commonly long poles that are made of resources of elements, the materials frequently used when associated with piling are usually wood, steel or concrete. 

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Our Piling Services Include:

There are so many things that actually go into piling such as measuring, planning, and physical hard labour, indicating that it is a highly skilled and extremely significant job. As well as using the specialised precise equipment, which means there are many factors and risks that must be prevented at all costs as piling supports the various sizes of structural bases of buildings from small to large. Its forms, masses, and circumferences are exceptionally dependant on the requirements of each specific development project; therefore, the building needs to have a solid foundation so piling must be done correctly.

Some of the main types of piling used are:

  • End bearing piles
  • Friction piles
  • Bored piles
  • Steel piles
  • Concrete piles
  • Driven piles
  • Screwed piles
  • Timber piles